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Hanyu Pinyin and Four Tones 汉语拼音和四声:

  • How to pronounce the four tones for Hanyu Pinyin? Check out the Tone Chart 声调图.
  • There're two ways of marking the tones. Other than the marking in the tone chart, tones can be marked by 1~4, first tone with 1 after the pinyin, second tone with 2, third with 3, fourth with 4 and neutral with none. For example, "Chinese 中文" in pinyin is "zhong1 wen2"
  • Use Pinyin Converter to convert the numeric marking to the Chinese way!

Sent by John Rash: (Highly Recommended)
Pinyin Chart 拼音练习表, unzip then click on the html file 解压后点击html文件

Sent by Sue Googe:
Clear Chinese, Chinese Tools, Chinese Learner, Free Chinese Lessons

Sent by Justin Rosenbaum:
Mandarin Phonetics
Online Chinese-English Dictionary, Free Language Lesson Podcast

Confucius Institute
Confucius Institute Online or Attend Confucius Institute at NC State 北卡州立大学孔子学院

Thomas Nielsen (WoShiShe) Recommends
Chinese - An Essential Grammar
This book is very boring for Chinese natives, but interesting for software developers or other technical persons that are used to learning syntax through a highly structured book.

Thomas Nielsen (WoShiShe) Recommends - Pronuncation
Pinyin for Chinese beginners
This web site is in Chinese and lack the explanations that you get at the Zhong Guo Jie classes. It has some moments of good examples.

Thomas Nielsen (WoShiShe) Recommends Chinese input method for Windows Vista
Install it and Alt-Shift to activate - it transalates PinYin to Simplified or Traditional Chinese, not sure how useful it is if you don't understand Han'zi, but it works.

Conzar Recommends
My Chinese Coach
Everything you need to learn Chinese on your Nintendo DS!

Chinese Writing Paper 田字格
Use this blank Chinese Writing Paper to practice your writing (it has space for pinyin and the characters)

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