Teaching Plan For Class 4

Thank you for your feedback and honesty…this weekend we will focus on Tones and we will be able to break the practice session into 3 groups thanks to Nora Tu and Chan Wu, who will be joining me in teaching the classes. This way you will be able to get more individual help from us.

There's no need to print the teaching plan this time, just make sure that you bring the 2-page Tone Practice and Page 1~12 from Instant Immersion Mandarin Guide.

1) Tone Practice (four tones, and practices focusing on identifying four different tones) 练习声调 / lian4 xi2 sheng1 diao4

2) Learning Numbers 0~10 学习数字0到10 / xue2 xi2 shu4 zi4 ling2 dao4 shi2

Break for 10 minutes

3) Instant Immersion 1.2~1.10

4) A few words for LOVE 情人节爱语 / qing2 ren2 jie2 ai4 yu3
爱 (ai4) - love (v.)
爱情 (ai4 qing2) - love (n.)
情人节 (qing2 ren2 jie2) - Valentine's Day
浪漫 (lang4 man2) - romantic or romance
我爱你 (wo3 ai4 ni3) - I love you

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