Shanghai Style Wonton

Ground pork and Shepherd's Purse (荠菜猪肉 pinyin:qí cài zhū ròu)
You can buy Shepherd's Purse at Grand Asia in the freezer isle next to the rice. Defrost the packaged frozen Sheperd's Purse and they will be very green and it's excellent for wrapping wontons. Mix in ground pork, sesame oil, salt and a pinch of sugar. The key is to use a chopper to blend the mixture as much as you can and the portion of the vegetable and pork is about 5:1, it's not good if you mix in too much pork. Use the larger, thicker wrapper for this stuffing, in Shanghai, it's called 大馄饨(big wonton).

Ground prok and Shrimp (虾肉 pinyin: xiā ròu)
Again use a chopper to blend well the ground pork, small amount of egg white, Chinese cooking wine (shào xīng jiǔ 绍兴酒) and salt. Then mix in coarsely chopped shrimp (for this stuffing, you don't want to ground the shrimp completely, chop medium sized cooked or uncooked, but shelled shrimp to 4~5 parts per shrimp). Use smaller, thinner wrappers for this stuffing, at Grand Asia, you will find the thinner wonton skin, usually it's called "Shanghai Wonton Skin" (上海云吞皮). In Shanghai, when you ask for 小馄饨 (small wonton), this is usually what you get.

The closest I can find on how to wrap Shanghain style wontons is like this video, the audio is in Cantonese, but the final result is authentic Shanghai style (how I get there is slighly different but its common everyone wraps it differently).

Wonton Soup Base:
Add chopped green onion, salt, sesame oil and white pepper powder (there are many variation to make the wonton soup base like soy sauce, seaweed and 榨菜/chinese pickles, etc but I like the simplest soup base most myself) into boilding hot water.

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