Lesson 2 Jan 23rd 2010 Pinyin 101 Part Ii

Hello everyone,

Nora and I really enjoyed the time with all of you at our last class, we left the club house at 3pm!

We hope that you practiced in the past 2 weeks of what we learned, if not, it's no problem, we will have a quick review in this class and continue on to finish the rest of the consonants and vowels (or initials and finals). However, the compound finals and the rest of the initials are a little bit harder than last time, but we will have time to practice during the class, and review the tones!

You can bring the same files as you did last time, to Jan 23rd class:
Pinyin and Tones
Sound Chart

After your class and you are at home, you can check out the following optional tools to help you review what you've learned ((believe me, everyone will forget pretty much everything, but it's okay, it's a matter of getting used to it and practicing as much as you can)!:
Hanyu Pinyin Video
Pinyin Flash Cards put them in your pocket or purse so you can review them whenever you have time to kill…

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