Lesson 1 Jan 9 2010 Pinyin 101

Hello everyone, new and old friends! Nora and I are so pleased to offer our 2010 Chinese classes, in the past year we've enjoyed teaching and getting to know many friends through our Zhong Guo Jie (中国结 or Chinese Knotting) classes.

In order not to overwhelm the new students, we want to let you know that learning Mandarin or Hanyu (汉语), which is the official Chinese language, can be fun and comfortable, but your motivation will be the main drive and the time you spend on Mandarin study will determine how well you speak the language. Nora and I will be here to help - email and face-to-face, we hope that you will enjoy the journey with us and make the best out of your time!

First things first, like any other languages, Mandarin has a phonetic system called 汉语拼音 (literally, Mandarin Spell Phonetics), and this is where we will start, to have a solid foundation of learning the language, Mandarin also has its unique tones (声调) which makes the language sometimes sound like music to your hear, no kidding.

Here are the basic two files you will need to print and bring to your first class,
Pinyin and Tones
Sound Chart

After your class and you are at home, you can check out the following optional tools to help you review what you've learned ((believe me, everyone will forget pretty much everything, but it's okay, it's a matter of getting used to it and practicing as much as you can)!:
Hanyu Pinyin Video
Pinyin Flash Cards put them in pocket or purse so you can review them whenever you have time to kill…

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