The most important job an individual can have is that of a parent. This job does not come with any specific training requirements, owners manual or return policy. It is on the job training without any coffee breaks, meal times or specific hours. Many new parents take their bundle of joy home from the hospital with much the same enthusiasm of buying a new car. Their expectations are many times unrealistic and soon after arriving home they find out that much of the advice they were given such as, "The baby will probably sleep for at least 16 hours a day in the coming weeks…" never quite seems to happen.

The first five years of a child's life are the most important. More learning takes place in the first five years of life then any other time. Only in the past decade has more attention been given to the development of life from conception then ever before in time. It is now understood that the fetus can hear, smile, hiccup and have an awareness of the world it is about to embark upon at birth.

My mission at this juncture is to help educate parents to understand their children in a way that will make their relationships more meaningful, fun and less stressful. I hope to bring awareness to parents in this forum through identifying areas of child development, sharing available parent resources, helping with problem solving some common issues faced by parents of young children and question and answer feedback. My personal experiences have been wide and varied. I have learned as much from my children as they have learned from me throughout my career as an early childhood educator. I am extremely thankful to have had such a special opportunity and wonderful life. Children are our most precious resources and need our utmost dedication in order to fully thrive into productive adulthood. Like children, this forum will be a work in progress. We will try to grow with you our participants, share ideas and learn what is needed to thrive.


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