Freebies 免费

Who Says There's No FREE Lunch? We love freebies.

  • Ever want to make a slip knot for necklaces? Check this one out! 制作可调的项链
  • Operating System - Great for revitalizing your old PC or Macintosh using Ubuntu 无病毒操作系统
  • China Star- Local Newspaper for Chinese, including great Pinyin practice and NEW English pages now. Pick your copy at Grand Asia Super Market! 华星报
  • Use Azureus for BitTorrent - Free, open source file-sharing application effective for distributing very large software and media files. 免费下载工具
  • Zeigeist (Original) & Zeigeist Addendum (Highly Recommended) free to burn copies and distribute 强烈推荐影片Zeigeist Addendum, 可以任意刻盘发送
  • You do still need to watch some commercials but it's fairly easy to find your favorite shows on Hulu or Sling 网上电视
  • Need a location for your new dotcom web site idea? I have free space on my Windows 2008 Server, moc.prahs-edoc|ofni#wonk em tel what you need, I can probably get it if it is from Microsoft. 88.8888% uptime ;-)
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