Class 6 Feb 28 2009

Class #6 is at a different LOCATION, and different TIME. Make sure that you don't miss us, for more details and RSVP go to the Meetup site.

Teaching Plan:

We will move on to start building the vocabulary from Class #6, however, practice of Pinyin and Tones will continue throughout our study.
THAHKS, Andrew and Cari, for reserving the space!

1) Review of Pinyin and Tones:
We will focus on initial "b", combining it with all different finals. Also we will listen to the instant immersion CD1, track 8 and 9 (four syllable expressions).
2) Review of Numbers 0~10.
3) Topic of the class - Family or 家 (jiā).

What to Bring: - we won't have copy machine this time, so please make sure you bring a copy of the following items with you to the class:
1) Family Tree
2) Sound Chart, if you don't have it from last class, go to Class 5 and find the file there.
3) Flash cards for family - page 1 and page 2 for the class, just print the pdf file and if you want to turn them into flash cards later, you can cut them after the class.

Home Study: 10 minutes a day

Class Review
Class #6 Review

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