Class 41 December 5th 2009 Feelings And Emotions

Working on these terms on feelings and emotions is quite a challenge, because the English and Chinese terms are not one to one any more. Sometimes the meanings are quite exactly the same, sometimes you have to combine the few terms in Chinese to describe one English word. The most frustrating one to work on is the word "frustrated", it took us a while to find the closest translation.

We have broken the vocab into three levels:

The basic: 6 terms of feelings
Feelings and Emotions (6 Basic terms)

The intermediate: 30 useful terms to describe feelings and attitudes
Feelings and Attitudes 1
Feelings and Attitudes 2

The advanced: 25 terms that are designed for advanced study
Feelings and Emotions

All these teaching materials come with pictures to help you master the category on feelings, emotions and attitudes.

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