Class 18 June 6th 2009 Gain New Insights From Reviewing

温故而知新 (wēn gù ér zhī xīn ) - Gain New Insights Through Reviewing

We've learned a lot in the past 5 months (since Jan 10th this year). This weekend let's have a review and go over what we've accomplished in a different way, this will help you memorize things in a more systematic ways and put all the pieces together.

The review will be organized through:

1) Vocabulary (time, numbers, location, pronouns, question words, measure words, professions)
2) Sentence structures (e.g. Subject+Adjective)
3) Various degrees of adjectives (e.g. not good, so-so, good, very good, excellent)
4) Conversation practice (introduction, greetings, making apologies, telling time and ordering food)

You will be given documentation of key points of what we've learned and there will be a little test to see how well you've done.

Here are more picture dictionary for professions:

Profession 1
Profession 2

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