Class 16 May 23rd 2009 Food Bring Your Lunch For More Food

Please note that the location of this class will be at the club house at the Lodge, 200 Brisbane Woods Way, Cary, NC

For this class, please bring your own lunch and we will be able to learn some more words around food.

For Class 16, we are going to:

1) Review ZhongGuoJie video practice
To watch the video, use Username: mandarin Password: zhongguojie

2) Continue on Nora's handouts: Ordering Food and we will review some information from Class 15

3) We'll discuss the food that everyone brings and pick up some new words. Here are some useful scanned images to help you remember vocabulary around food:
Food - Fruits and Nuts 1 and Food - Fruits and Nuts 2
Food - Vegetables 1 and Vegetables 2

Look forward to seeing you!

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