Class 12 April 18 2009 How To Say Professions

It's great to come back and see the improvement in our ZhongGuoJie classes and Darla's new office is great with the projector now! Thanks Nora for putting so much work into the classes, and doing a great job teaching!

Nora and I will take turns teaching the weekend classes going forward and we thought it's critical to still keep it on a weekly basis, and now that we have moved on to new words and sentences, it will beneficial for us to utilize the resources (native speakers) in class to have face-to-face practice. For folks who are interested in structured learning, Confucius Institute is a great place to go and you don't have to wait for the next semester. Please contact Guanglin with any questions regarding the classes. Our weekend classes will be a place you can practice and have Mandarin immersion.

This weekend, we will learn how to say professions, combining the introduction we learned in the past. There will be some new words this time, and it will involve a lot of talking on your part.

This weekend's class we will be learning how to say professions and practice the introduction we've learned before. We will also break into groups, practice the sentence structure but replace phrases with the new words!

Learn to Say Professions

We will see some of you at 3pm for Dr. Xu's Chinese Philosophy talk.

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