Chinese Cookware

Rice Cooker 电饭煲

Precisely making every cup of rice with consistent quality. Most popular and cost effective ones are one button operated electric cooker, prices around $20. However, popular kind used in China are smart rice cooker that has controls for harder/softer white, wild and sushi rice, it also allows you to make rice porridge (粥 zhou1), soups and even cakes. I recently purchased a Zojirushi induction cooker, it is excellent if you don't consider the price tag. Other popular brands in Asia for rice cookers include Panasonic, Tiger and Midea.]

Wok 铁锅 and Spatula 铁铲子

Traditional wok in China is made of iron or other type of metal therefore usually requires a metal spatula. If you have a wok with a non-stick surface, make sure you only use a wood spatula with it so that you don't damage the surface. However, an iron wok is the best for various reasons, to make a good stir-fried dish, you will need to heat up the oil to the point that you see the smoke comes out of the pot and you quickly fry the food, usually less than 5 minutes. A metal wok will be able to handle the heat well vs. heating up a non-stick surface wok at that temperature is not a good idea.

Bamboo Steamers 蒸笼
Perfect for steaming dim sum and steam buns.

火锅 and Wire Skimmers 火锅勺
Hot pot is the most popular way of cooking in winter for Chinese. Families gather around the table and cook their own vegetables and meats in the boiling hot pot soup base. There are many kinds of soup base such as Mandarin Duck base (not really duck soup but half spicy half non-spicy), and many dipping sauces such as peanut butter with sesame oil, satay, etc. In modern days, the charcoal hot pot is being replaced by electric or propane fueled new cookware. Lots of fun for the group.

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