Chinese Class 中国结

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**We started our face-to-face class on Jan 10th, 2009, now we are taking a break for the Christmas and New Year's holidays. Nora and I will restart the program in Jan 2010, these classes are designed for people who have 0 experience with Mandarin study so join us from the very beginning in 2010. **

When: April 17th, Saturday, 2010

Registration: We will host the classes at the clubhouse of The Lodge at Crossroads in Cary, NC. For more details of the location, please visit the Lodge At Crossroads website. Usually we start our class at 11am every other Saturday, sometimes we change our locations for different reasons. Up-to-date information will be posted on NC Mandarin and Chinese Cultural Interest Club.

What to bring: pen, paper, dictionary, sometimes students bring in drinks, cookies to share for fun.

Preparation: It is the most important thing for any language study, that you practice at home, a motivated individual can achieve much greater results. Also spending 10 minutes studying everyday will be much more effective than spending hours once a week. Whatever motivates you to master Mandarin, we are here to help.

Click on the following link for all the 43 lessons we did in 2009 and the on-going classes of 2010.

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