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What's going on in China ?
Business Analysis in Chinese 新闻分析
Business News in English 英语新闻

**How can I stay well-informed about China? What are the recommended websites? **
Comprehensive News in Chinese 中文综合信息
Comprehensive News in English 英语综合信息

Best B2B website for Global Trading 全球贸易B2B网: alibaba-s.gif 阿里巴巴
Economy 经济: logo-35.gif in Chinese 财经网中文 & in English 财经网英语

PRC Main Government Agencies under State Council or the Cabinet 中华人民共和国国务院政府机构:
Ministry of Commerce 商务部, Ministry of Education 教育部, Ministry of Foreign Affairs 外交部, Ministry of Science and Technology 科学与技术部, Ministry of Water Resources 水力资源部, Ministry of Environmental Protection 环境保护部, Ministry of Justice 司法部, Ministry of Finance 财政部, Ministry of Agriculture 农业部, National Bureau of Statistics 国家统计局

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