Birth To 6 Months 出生到六个月

It is important to first understand that not all babies develop at exactly the same rate. A common sense way to think about individual childhood development is to think about how your garden grows…."NOT ALL TOMATOES IN THE GARDEN RIPEN AT THE SAME TIME"

It is also important to understand that if a baby is born premature, that is to say that he/she was not in the womb for a full nine months then that time is taken into consideration when projecting development. For example if a baby is born at 6 months gestation then he/she will possibly be 3 months behind on the developmental scales used to chart growth particularly at an early age. This 3 month period is used as "catch up time" until the age of 3 years. This makes early stimulation and care even more necessary to help the child develop in a healthy way. I cannot iterate enough that early stimulation and experiences are the most important things that you can do for your baby's future.

Here are a few important things to watch for while your baby is growing and learning.

Between the ages of birth and 6 months we look for…

Social Skills

Language Skills

Gross Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills

A very important note: Make sure all toys are child safe, clean and appropriate for the age of your baby. Always read manufacturers instructions and warnings.

RESOURCE INFORMATION: Most local Department of Health Offices offer free information about child development. Check with your county to see if there are pamphlets or books available.


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