The Place to Learn Mandarin for FREE 免费学中文

Mandarin is the official standard language of China and is spoken by approximately 1.176 billion people around the world


How it works for the Mandarin Study 如何有效地学习中文:

  • If you are living in or near the triangle area in North Carolina, you can attend our physical meetups for our Chinese Class and take advantage of the Tool Box and language study Forums for FREE.
  • Enjoy learning Chinese language, culture with native speakers and Chinese enthusiasts and have more fun by joining Triangle Chinese Meetup Group if you are in the area.

Contribute your knowledge and improve your own quality of life, we strive to encourage sharing and learning


How it works for other fun stuff 积极参与其它的交流:

  • Not all great things in life cost money. If each of us contributes just a little, we can all benefit greatly. The most difficult thing is to make that first step. Learn from others and contribute your ideas, knowledge and share them amongst all of us so we can all enrich our lives.
  • You can participate by writing down your travel experiences or what to do in your hometown as a local then moc.liamg|uiqaihtnyc#em liame so I can post it in Travel, next time you go somewhere, you will get these valuable travel tips from someone else.
  • Write in Forums about all kinds of things you are passionate about as well. Contact me or do it yourself if you want to post a member link to advertise your business or hobbies, or your comments, suggestions even criticism.
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